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AIFIT Kickoff meeting in Paris

In order to coordinate our joint projects, all members met in Paris from 26/09/2016 until 27/09/2016 for the Kick-Off meeting.

Program of the meeting

Slides Talk Engels 1 – Butterfly experiments
Slides Talk Engels 2 – Flight muscle modeling
Slides Talk Engels 3 – Directional perturbation sensitivity in Bumblebees
Slides Talk Engels 4 – Turbulence generated by fractal trees

Slides Talk Wehmann 1 – Measuring wing elasticity in insect wings

Butterfly flight

We have finished the get-to-know-each-other experiments with the butterfly pieris brassicae, also known as the large white or white cabbage butterfly. It is one of the most common butterflies in Europe and can be seen even here in Berlin very frequently. The animals were provided by Insect Services, which is a Spin-off of the Freie Universität Berlin.