In the AIFIT project, we had frequent meetings to ensure adequate exchange between the participants. We distinguish Meetings where all or almost all participants are there from worksessions that concern only a subset of the project.

As the AIFIT project has ended in 2019, no more meetings will be added here, but the documentation of the project remains available.


Marseille, 30.01.2020 – 31.01.2020

Participants: H. Truong, K. Schneider, T. Engels, P. Krah, J. Sesterhenn, M. Farge



Berlin, 18.12.2019 – 22.12.2019

Participants: H. Truong, K. Schneider, M. Farge, H.-N. Wehmann, T. Engels



Rostock, 14.12.2019 – 18.12.2019

Participants: H. Truong, F.-O. Lehmann, H.-N. Wehmann, T. Engels


Marseille, 22.08.2019 – 29.08.2019

Participants: H. Truong, K. Schneider, T. Engels


Paris, 18.02.2019 – 21.02.2019

Participants: T. Engels, K. Schneider, M. Farge

Upcoming work session on the adaptive method.

(no report)


Berlin, 11.12.2018 – 20.12.2018

Participants: T. Engels (11-20.12.), J. Sesterhenn (11.-20.12.), K. Schneider (11-12.12.) F.-O. Lehmann (17.12.), H.-N. Wehmann (17.12.)

An extended work session in Berlin and Rostock (on the day of 17.12.).

(no report)

Project meeting, Paris 12/2018

The end-of-year meeting of our project took place in Paris from 5th of december to 8th of december. Afterwards, J. Sesterhenn, D. Kolomenskiy and T. Engels had an extended worksession until 10/12/2018.

Participants: T. Engels, M. Farge, F.-O. Lehmann, H.-N. Wehmann, H. Truong, K. Schneider, J. Sesterhenn, D. Kolomenskiy

Here are the slides from the meeting:

H. Truong: Wing modeling using mass-spring system
T. Engels: Progress on the adaptive solver
H. Wehmann: Local deformation and stiffness distribution in fly
M. Riebeck, T. Engels: Turbulence Generation with an Active Grid

(report available)

Worksession (Adaptive code)

Paris 13/11/2018 – 17/11/2018

Participants: T. Engels, M. Riebeck and M. Farge

M. Riebeck came to Paris for a one-week work session on the adaptive code: compilation, usage and optimization. We launched a parameter study for the properties of non-reflecting sponges.

(no report)

Worksession (Corrugation Project)

Paris 23/10/2018-27/10/2018

Participants: T. Engels, H. Wehmann and M. Farge

H. Wehmann came to visit ENS (T. Engels) and to advance, in a one week work session, the corrugation project and to advance the paper.

(no report)

Worksession (Numerical Method)

Berlin 11/10/2018-13/10/2018

Participants: T. Engels, K. Schneider, J. Sesterhenn

K. Schneider and T. Engels came to visit TU Berlin to discuss about the progress of numerical work in the AIFIT project. The worksession was combined with the DFG-CNRS meeting at the occasion of P. Bontoux birthday.

(no report)

Worksession (Active grid turbulence)

Rostock, 14.06.2018 – 15.06.2018

Participants: T. Engels, J. Sesterhenn, F.-O. Lehmann, H.-N. Wehmann, M. Riebeck, D. Kolomenskiy (via internet)

M. Riebeck presents her progress on the active grid under construction at TU Berlin. Discussion of follow-up projects and corrugation.

(report available)

Project meeting, Marseille 05/2018

We had a productive meeting in Marseille which took place 22/05 and 23/05.

Participants: T. Engels, F.-O. Lehmann, H. Truong, K. Schneider, K. Logan, R. Dhakal

Slides from the meeting:

T. Engels: Progress on adaptive simulations
T. Engels: Ideas for turbulence generation

(report available)

Project meeting, Berlin, 12/2017

19.12.2017 Berlin
Participants: Engels, Sesterhenn, Schneider, Farge, Wehmann, Lehmann
(report available)

Worksession (turbulence & free-flight)

17.12.2017–20.12.2017 Berlin

Participants: Engels, Schneider, Farge
Work session on bumblebee in turbulence topic, free-flight.

(no report)

Worksession (Experimental campaign)

30.11.2017 Rostock
Participants: Engels, Lehmann, Truong, Wehmann
Presentation of the results of lab campaign, discussions with T. Engels

(no report)

Work session (Measurements of vein stiffness)

20.11.2017-01.12.2017    Rostock
Participants: Lehmann, Truong, Wehmann
Measurement campaign on the stifffness of leading edge veins. H. Truong participated in order to ensure that the obtained data is sufficient to be useful in modeling purposes.

(no report)

Project meeting, Paris 09/2017

28-29.09.2017 Paris
Participants: Schneider, Farge, Lehmann, Engels, Wehmann, Truong
(report available)


25.09.2017 – 30.09.2017 Paris
Participants: Engels, Farge, Schneider
Work session, further discussion of impact of turbulence, start of administrative processes for T. Engels change to ENS Paris on 01.01.2018

(no report)


18.09.2017–24.09.2017 Marseille
Participants: Engels, Schneider, Truong
Work session in Marseille. Discussions on turbulence modeling and wing flexibility, T. Engels presents data on freely flying bumblebees in turbulent flow, discussions also about the influence of integral scale of turbulent motion (publication in preparation) and fluid-structure-interaction

(no report)

Project Meeting (06/2017 Marseille)

12.06.2017 Marseille
Participants: Engels, Sesterhenn, Schneider, Farge, Wehmann, Truong
Meeting in Marseille.

(report available)


06.06.2017–16.06.2017 Marseille
Participants: Engels, Schneider, Truong
Work session on wing flexibility and other implementation details required for the work of H. Truong, combined with the IUTAM conference in Carry-le-rouet (see list of conferences)

(no report)

Work session

06.04.2017 Rostock

Participants: Engels, Wehmann, Lehmann
(report available)

Project Meeting, Berlin 03/2017

23.03.2017–24.03.2017 Berlin
Participants: Engels, Schneider, Farge, Lehmann, Truong
Meeting in Berlin.

(report available)

Worksession (Fluid-Structure-Interaction)

20.03.2017–27.03.2017 Berlin
Participants: Engels, Sesterhenn, Truong
Work session on fluid-structure interaction. H. Truongs PHD work is on the implementation of a flexible wing model, which we discussed in Berlin in the light of T. Engels previous work on fluid-structure interaction.

(no report)

Worksession (micro-CT)

06.04.2017 Rostock
Participants: Engels, Wehmann, Lehmann
Work session in Rostock on wing corrugation and aerodynamic impact. H. Wehmann first presented her micro-CT data and some elasticity measurements

(no report)

Worksession (Experiments)

23.02.2017 Rostock
Participants: Engels, Schneider, Farge, Wehmann, Lehmann
Meeting in Rostock, visit of experimental facilities and discussions

(report available)

Worksession (Helical vortices)

21.02.2017–25.02.2017 Berlin
Participants: Engels, Schneider, Farge
Work session on the “Helical vortices generated by flapping wings of bumblebees” paper.

(no report)

Worksession (Kinematics of flies)

01/2017 Darmstadt
Participants: Engels, Wehmann, Lehmann
Work session at the occasion of the PHD defense of Nazri Nasir, who did most of his work in Rostock university under the guidance of Prof. Lehmann. The topic is very much related to the project

(no report)

Worksession (PIV measurements)

12/2016 Berlin

Participants: Engels, Wehmann, Sesterhenn
Work session in Berlin for PIV measurements on fractal trees, in the frame of the Master thesis of Marc Dreissigacker. H. Wehmann assisted to prepare the PIV measurements in Rostock and to learn how the system is used.

(no report)

Kick-Off meeting in Paris

26.09.2016 – 27.09.2016 Paris

Participants: Schneider, Sesterhenn, Farge, Lehmann, Engels, Wehmann
Kick-off meeting for the project in Paris. Presentations of previous work of all teams, fixing collaboration mode and project timeline.

(report available)